Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bell's Hopslam and Two Hearted Ale

Bells Hopslam Two Hearted beer painting

Oil on Canvas

This is an original oil painting of the great Bell's Brewery's standard crown, along with those of Hopslam and Two Hearted. While Two Hearted and Hopslam are very different beers, they are both hop-centric and wonderfully unique examples of the IPA and DIPA. Of course, living in Oregon, we've only had these beers a handful of times - curse you lucky Michiganders! 

In any case, if you love Hopslam and Two Hearted and you are lacking home decor that combines fine art with your favorite beer, this painting is for you. We shouldn't have it in our house, because clearly we are not worthy.

As with our other beer art, this painting is on a hand-built canvas and ships with a varnished surface and a hanging wire on the back. This painting will last a lifetime, so long as you love it and don't shoot your Red Ryder at it and if you buy this painting, you will be investing in real art that shows your love for the art of craft beer. 

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