Monday, June 6, 2011

The Brew Shop & Platypus Pub in Bend, Oregon

This is a bit off-topic as far as this blog is concerned, but it is something we are very excited about as beer enthusiasts. Here in Bend, Oregon, the locally-owned Brew Shop is very clearly the best place to buy your beer. This summer, they are moving their business (and opening a pub) to 1203 NE 3rd St - a very prime location, right in the middle of town. This is somewhat art-related, as we had the privilege of reworking the existing logo for The Brew Shop and creating a logo for the brand-new Platypus Pub (see graphic above). We may have the opportunity to do some interior artwork, which we will definitely post here.

If you ever visit Bend (or just pass through), be sure to stop by The Brew Shop and tell them Louie & Cara sent you, but leave some of the rare beer for us!

EDIT (SEPT 16th): The Brew Shop and the Platypus Pub are now open!

They have new websites in the works, but until then, it seems a lot of the google searches will go here. Right now, the Platypus Pub has a bunch of great stuff on tap and the Brew Shop is restocking and expanding their bottle selection (but somehow they still have Abacus, Parabola, and FW 14 in stock!!). I would highly recommend stopping in for a few beers and a Platypus Burger - tasty!

EDIT (NOV 14th): The Brew Shop website and the Platypus Pub website are now live!


  1. Hello Louie and Cara! Congratulations on your new space and business! What a cool building. I am so glad you are combing your art of painting with the art of brewing. I can't imagine how great the beer is going to be. Fantastic luck and fortunes to you both! Axel

  2. Michael,
    Just be clear, we are not at all involved with the business. We're just regular customers that happen to be contributing some art. We are merely beer drinkers, but I don't doubt the beer they end up brewing at the Platypus Pub will be great.

    Thanks & Cheers!