Saturday, March 5, 2011

Orval Nouveau


This is an original Art Nouveau-inspired illustration of Orval, the iconic and very unique Belgian Trappist ale. This illustration depicts the also very unique bottle and glassware of Orval, as well as the legend of the trout returning the lost ring. According to Wikipedia, the legend of Orval is as follows:

There is a legend of the abbey's foundation, purporting to explain the name '"Orval" and the coat of arms. According to this, the widowed Mathilda of Tuscany was visiting the site, when she lost her wedding ring in a spring, to her great distress. When she prayed for the return of the ring, a trout appeared on the surface of the water with the ring in its mouth. She exclaimed "Truly this place is a Val d'Or(Golden Valley)", from which the name "Orval" is derived, and in gratitude made available the funds for the foundation of the monastery here. The abbey arms show the trout and ring. The spring still supplies water to the monastery and its brewery.

This illustration is priced significantly lower than our regular work, but still comes with a hanging wire on the back - no framing is necessary.

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